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Check Out The Walking Dead Trailer

by on March 20, 2012

Telltale games has released it’s first trailer for the upcoming Walking Dead game has been released. To be blunt dear readers, I’m not impressed. It’s just another zombie game where you jump and shoot. Now, while I do enjoy a good hack and slash or shoot em’ up type of game, it’s just not worth my time or money to buy a new one. I can always go and find a copy of Duke Nukem Forever laying around in a garbage can somewhere and play that. At least Duke Nukem has weapons that make big booms.

Anyways, if you really want to purchase the game I’ll give you all the deets dear readers. For 400 Microsoft points and 5 bucks on PSN you can purchase the first of the five episodes that will be released. PC and Mac users can purchase an season pass for $25 at the Telltale online store and other digital outlets. Oh and for you guys who really nerd out over zombies, if you pre-order the game you have the chance of being a part of episode five as a human who dies and then turns into a zombie. At least that part is neat eh?

Here’s the trailer if ye want to watch it.


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