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Mature-Rated Erotic Ninja Combat on the 3DS?

by on March 19, 2012

Japan will be saying hello to 3D jiggle-physics with the release of Senran Kagura on the Nintendo 3DS. A side-scrolling action platformer, Senran Kagura places you in control of one of five well-developed female ninjas on the quest for violence and skimpy swimsuits.

Definitely receiving an M-rating, many publishers would consider putting a title like this together a bit of a “kiss of death.” Then again…3D jiggle physics. At least in Japan, I’m quite sure this title’s going to be getting quite a few buyers overseas…we’ll see if it makes it into the Western markets.


BTW, for all of you who are thinking about importing the game…the 3DS is region-locked. Sorry, folks.


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