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access_time March 16, 2012 at 1:51 PM in Culture by Andrew Kent

Wakfu Demo at GDC

Wakfu, it sounds like some sort of Japanese onomatopoeia right? WRONG! It’s one of the very few RPG’s that Square Enix has published (the first outside of the Final Fantasy series). The game is developed by French company Ankama and is a sequel of sorts to their game titled Dofus (strange MMO names for the win!). Starting out, you do the basic MMO thing and pick out your character class and spruce yourself up. After that you are thrown right into the training area. During training you come across a small blob that is being threatened by a cat…so what do you do? (WARNING: SKIP THIS NEXT SENTENCE IF YOU LOVE THE KITTIES) You friggin’ kill the cat, that’s what. GAME OVER MAN…for the cat anyways. Afterwords the blob follows you around and really doesn’t do much of anything and you eventually exit the training area and try to take on the main boss of the game which ends in an epic FAIL.

In Wakfu you are held accountable for your actions. Let me clarify what I mean by that. So if you were in a country that only had so much wheat, if you harvested all of that wheat and the seeds that came with it and then cordoned off an area of your own and grew your wheat in that area, you would basically have a monopoly on wheat. You can also deplete mines that contain certain ores, however the mines do replenish their store of ore over a very slow period of time. Along with the economy, you can have a say in the government as well. Each person who plays Wakfu can vote for a player character to be the Mayor of their country for two weeks. You too can even be mayor! However don’t even think about cheating, the guys who made the game made sure that you can’t make dummy accounts to vote for you. Too bad! There are also other seats of power that you can run for or vote someone into, but the mayor is the head cheese you see.

Wakfu is also free to play, however you can pay a monthly fee of six dollars to get in on more action. The free side of the game gives you access to the “free” area. You can also go to the “paid” area but you are unable to interact with the economy/ecology and what not. The six dollar a month fee gives you the ability to effect the economy and ecology among other things.  Another miscellaneous tidbit: you can use ore to make currency OR armor/weapons. Be careful though! As I have said, ore can be depleted so if you use it all for weapons/armor or money then you’re S.O.L. if the deposit becomes depleted.

If you want to know more you can check out the dev diary below and take a look at the Wakfu website here.


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