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access_time March 16, 2012 at 2:12 PM in Culture by Andrew Kent

Quantum Conundrum Demo at GDC

Quantum Conundrum…from the mind who helped bring you Portal 1…and some of Portal 2. Now, some may equate Quantum Conundrum to Portal but the games are only similar in the fact that they are both puzzle games and both have science. There isn’t any GLaD0s who wants you gone, no Wheatley that wants to take over your Laboratory, just science and dimensions. Obviously you’ve heard about the aspects of the game before. You have control of the I.D.S. (Inter-dimensional Shift Device) glove which allows you to shift between dimensions. Aside from the normal dimension you have your fluffy dimension, reverse gravity, slow-mo, and the once “secret” dimension which is now known as the heavy dimension.

Obviously while playing around with Quantum Conundrum you mess around with physics. (Why don’t we have these games in schools?!) While in the fluffy dimension you can easily lift a safe and send it hurtling into a glass wall and then turn on the heavy dimension to smash the glass so that you can advance to the next area. A lot of the demo focused on these two aspects, the fluffy and heavy dimension. When nearing the end of the demo, professor Fitz Quadrangle gets a bit cocky, saying that he doesn’t think you really understand how great his invention is. (Ego much?) Anyways, Quadrangle takes control of the I.D.S. and shows you how the Slow-motion dimension works as you platform your way to the end of the level. Unfortunately, reverse gravity was not shown in this demo. However, trying out the game has made me hungry for more. It’s almost as if Kim Swift has brought some of the crack that is part of Portal into Quantum Conundrum.


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