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access_time March 14, 2012 at 9:53 AM in Culture by Andrew Kent

Sonydo The Third


“A traitor is everyone who does not agree with me.” – King George III

Yeah so there wasn’t any Sonydo last week, big whoop, wanna’ fight about it? Anyways, last week was my first ever video game conference/convention thingy so go and read about my experience here. In the mean time you came here for some more Sonydo. This week we’ve got a few stories that I thought you all might find…interesting. Except Mutant Blobs, no one finds that game interesting whatsoever. Nope. Yeah…So gather round and read what is Sonydo! (Please tell me I don’t have to explain my sarcasm again.)

From Sony to Microsoft











Microsoft has a new employee, and if you couldn’t guess by the photo then I’ll just tell you. His name is Phil Harrison and he used to work at Sony until the beginning of 2008. This story is vaguely related to Sony but I needed content. Don’t judge me! Anyways, it was thought that Harrison would be taking over the role of the recently resigned Peter Molyneux, who went to join indie studio 22 cans, but Microsoft says that this statement is false. COO Mark Webley has taken over Molyneux’s position as Lionhead Studio Manager while Harrison has been appointed the role of corporate vice president at the Interactive Entertainment Business. This role in all reality will put him in charge of overseeing Lionhead studios among others. So what can the Sony man bring to Microsoft? All of their dirty little secrets? Probably not, but I’m sure he’ll do a bang up job.

[Thanks gamesindustry]


Mutant Blobs Take Over The Vita









About a month ago I had the pleasure of taking a look at Mutant Blobs Attack before it came out on the Vita. (which was before the Vita was even launched!) It was a cute game with a cartoony but detailed environment. You played as a mutant blob and absorbed things so that you could become bigger in size. (sound familiar?) Besides absorbing things there was a lot of platforming in the game and challenging puzzles to boot. Well, a lot of you apparently like this game and now it’s one of the best selling Vita titles out there. Jack Buser, at the Pub Fund Pub Crawl at GDC last week commented on the game:

[That Mutant Blobs Attack] was a launch title, in and of itself, is amazing, but it’s also gone on to be one of the best-selling Vita games overall. It’s right up there with the major publishers, in terms of sales. – Jack Buser

I really enjoy the work of Drinkbox Studios, the guys who developed this game. I’ve met the CEO (Ryan MacLean) and the COO (Graham Smith) twice now and really admire the work that they and their team are doing. Drinkbox Studios has a lot of great talent and have so far produced excellent games and the fact that Mutant Blobs Attack is one of the Vita’s best selling titles is just fucking awesome. The guys over at Drinkbox have earned their bragging rights, but hopefully the fame doesn’t go to their heads. Great work everyone at Drinkbox, keep it up!

[Thanks The Verge]


Quake To Shake Up PS3?













So the rumor mill has been churning a lot lately, what with all of the PS4 rumors flying about. However, there is one non-PS4 related rumor that just may have some credence. The ESRB may have outed that Quake 4 is coming to Playstation 3 via an update that says “Change Value of Platforms from Windows PC to Windows PC, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360.” I find it quite interesting that Quake 4 would be released for the PS3 platform so late into the game. Nowadays companies have just been doing re-releases or remakes of old games but this game isn’t that old. It’s quite possible the Quake 4 peeps have seen the error of their ways and have decided that the game will no longer be PC and XBOX 360 exclusive.

[Thanks G4TV]


Playstation 3 Helps Solve Murder Case…Sort Of












So get this, a fire broke out at the condo of one James Lacella, age 48, on February 25th of this year. Unfortunately for Lacella and his family, he was found inside the condo dead as a doornail, but there was a catch: He didn’t die from the fire. Apparently Lacella was shot in the head with a .25 caliber handgun. Starting to sound like a Sherlock Holmes story, eh Watson? Moving on, the police managed to figure out that Lacella had a missing Playstation 3 console and tracked it down to a pawnshop. The person who sold the unit to the pawnshop was none other than the butler! I mean Patrick Wilcock, supposed best friend of Lacella. Wilcock was later arrested but denied committing the crime even though a .25 caliber handgun was found in his possession. Wilcock claimed that his grandmother gave the gun to him so that he could “put an injured dog out of its misery”. Creepy.

[Thanks Kotaku]


Well that’s all for Sonydo this week. I hope you enjoyed and stay tuned for next week’s journey into this cult…I mean the world of Sony. Until then, take care.

PS: Remember kids, whenever you talk about rumored next gen consoles, the Nazis win.


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