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access_time March 13, 2012 at 4:51 PM in Culture by Andrew Kent

Your World Needs 1.1 Million Dollars To Get Started

So get this dear readers; some millionaire…wants you guys…to give him…1.1 million dollars…for a video game! LET’S DO IT! All joking aside we shall now get to the facts and what opinion I do have. Ellwood Bartlett is his name and video game development actually isn’t his game, he actually deals with money (he’s an accountant) and recently won a whopping 42 million dollars in the lottery about five years back. He has started a kickstarter page for “Your World” which he describes as an amalgamation of World of Warcraft, Rift, The Old Republic, and Second Life. Yes ladies and gentleman, second life. This means there shall be furries, or not. I just might be wrong about that one. Anyways, Bartlett claims that he is doing this kickstarter campaign for the game to see if there is any real interest for the game and because everyone has investors even the big game companies.

So far the Kickstarter page has garnered $164. With such a vague description of what he wants to do with the game it’s no wonder people aren’t too excited about it. Come on Barty! Give us something to be excited about, put in more details and get some more ideas and concept art for the game. Then again the Adventure game from Double Fine has already hit it’s mark and then some and we know jack squat about the game. Then then again dear readers you know what Double Fine is capable of. Oh well, I’ll throw in a link here to the Your World kickstarter if you’re interested in donating.


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