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Don’t Like Mass Effect 3’s Ending? Donate to Charity

by on March 13, 2012

A lot of gamers are less than satisfied with Mass Effect 3’s ending, and that’s putting it mildly. A group of malcontents have found a unique and positive way to show their displeasure.

The Facebook group “Demand a Better Ending To Mass Effect 3” has started a Chip In account. A Chip In account allows a group of people to pool together money towards a charity. In this case, the group is donating money towards Child’s Play, a charity designed to put games into the hands of hospitalized children. In less than a day, the group has raised around $5,000 dollars. They’re hoping that their good deed will get the attention of Bioware, and show that there is money to be made in a real ending.  Even if the group never gets what they’re after, a worthy charity will get some money out of it.  Win-win.

If you want to support this cause,  click the link below.

Retake Mass Effect: Chip In.

For the record, the ending was pretty bad.

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