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Konami’s Ash Finally Hits the Android Market

by on March 3, 2012

Konami has finally brought Ash to Android Devices, while also announcing that Ash II: Shadows, the game’s sequel is also on the way for Android.

The turn-based RPG is set in the world of Aghaus and features an orchestrated score, deep story and an easy to follow interface.

In Ash, a routine contract takes an unexpected turn, the two men are gradually embroiled in a conflict that consumes the entire continent—and brings to light the mercenaries’ puzzling pasts.

Then, Ash II: Shadows follows the events of  Ash, featuring a new story, quests, and characters set in the world of Aghaus. In Ash II: Shadows, the world of Aghaus is once again in peril, and the heroes of old must heed the call to embark on another dangerous adventure.

Ash is available now for $1.99 on Android devices. Ash II: Shadows will be available soon for $1.99 on Android devices.

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