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access_time February 29, 2012 at 3:01 PM in PC/Mac by Sebastian Marco

Trophies Still Available On Used Vita Games

We’re only a few weeks into the launch of the vita and already difficulties have arisen. Unbeknownst to me the vita cartridges have a form of locked saves on them that will only grant trophies to the first PSN account it’s linked to. While I would assume this isn’t that big of a problem right now, since everyone is busying playing their Vita games, It might become a problem later on. So what’s a new Vita owner looking for used games to do? Fortunately there is a solution the guys over at Pocket Gamer found a way to sidestep this time bomb of a headache. here’s what you gotta do do:

  • Click “No” when you get the warning message telling you that you can’t earn Trophies with the current application.
  • Touch and hold the Vita home screen until you can rearrange icons. Press the “…” bubble attached to the icon of the game you want to play. Choose to format the card, which will wipe the data on it.
  • If you get the message warning you that the data shall be deleted, you should be golden. Boot up the game and it’ll now be tethered to your account.

Well there you are my thrifty Vita owners! Also don’t feel bad about linking the used game cart to your Vita, the previous owner will not lose any trophies. Keep on playing.


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