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access_time February 29, 2012 at 5:00 AM in Culture by Andrew Kent

Sonydo The Second

“Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I’m not sure about the the universe.

– Albert Einstein

So last week it seems that my talk of you, the readers, being subjected to writing that would be “uncomfortably unbiased” was taken seriously. Ladies and Gentlemen, whenever I quote powerthirst I am being anything but serious. (disclaimer: or am I?) Really though, I was joking dear readers and it’s unfortunate that my comedy gold fell blind on your eyes. Hopefully this time you will realize how funny and oh so not literal my intro paragraph is. Now without further ado I bring you, Sonydo.

PSA: PSN Undergoing Maintenance










Just so you know guys, the Playstation Network will be down tomorrow, Thursday the 1st, from 8 AM PST to 10 PM PST. Everything that requires the internet that is PSN related will be down. The Playstation store, online multiplayer, accounts, home, editing accounts, and even the Playstation Blog will be offline. Calm Down and Tweet About It.

[Thanks Kotaku]


Vita’s First Whoopsie








The PS Vita is delivering an error code to users when trying to access the PSN account. This “NP-2242-2” error supposedly happens whenever you’re jerking off your Vita too much, either that or glomming it up with too much downloads. You youngsters these days think your so entitled with your internets and your confangled smart devices. Why, I remember when I wanted a game I had to walk five miles to get a game, in the snow, UPHILL, both god damn ways. My only error message was “DYHW” or do your homework.

Anyways, if you come across this error don’t go scrambling to try and find a cure because apparently there isn’t one yet. You’ll only be greeted by tweets and forums asking the same thing you went online to figure out how to fix. Hopefully Sony is quick to fix Vita’s first whoopsie.

[Thanks Dtoid]


Vu Ja De: The Feeling We Shouldn’t Be Here Anymore







So apparently Ready At Dawn, the people who created the God of War games for the PSP, are “supposedly” making a new IP for…wait for it…THE FRIGGIN PS4. What did I say last week you mouse clicking, key typing, son’s of guns. WHAT DID I SAY? Jack Tretton does not have time for the PS4. I’ll give you the quote again.

I, quite frankly, would be very distracted if I had to be talking about next generation hardware this year. Right now, we’re focused on PlayStation 3, and I’ve got [the PS Vita] to get out the door in seven days, so I don’t want to be thinking about trying to launch new technology anytime soon. -Jack Tretton

See? I’m not pulling stuff out of my behind here guys. It’s true. If Ready At Dawn thinks they are making a new IP for the PS4 then please tell me what they are on and where my Aunt Gertrude can get some. /endrant

[Thanks VG Arabia]


Analysts Are Like Opinions: Everyone Has One And Sony Doesn’t Care









Analyst Jia Wu is saying that Sony’s new handheld console is not really showing any promise and that if Sony wants to have a chance in the market then the price of the PS Vita needs to be cut.

Despite the solid design and strong processing power, it is challenging to convince consumers to buy a dedicated game console above the $200 price range in today’s economic environment as Nintendo has learnt -Jia Wu

For me, I thought the pricing was fairly OK since the hand held brings in touch screen technology, a shiny screen, one of the models is 3G capable, and the both models have wifi capabilities. Smart phones these days cost about the same price, if not more than a Vita and have basically the same capabilities except for the ability to play games like UMVC 3 and Rayman Origins so to me the pricing seems fair. Sure, the wifi model could have had more of a price difference than the 3G model but it’s not that big a deal. But what do I know? I’m not an analayst or Sony. I’m just some lowly consumer who shells out his hard earned cash for overpriced 60 dollar games anyways.

PS: Sony U.K. is saying no way to price cuts for the Vita. [Via JPS]

[Thanks That Video Game Blog]


Facebook Fail APP Revoked









So after quite a few complaints that the Facebook app for the PS Vita was crashing after startup, Sony actually did something smart and removed the app from it’s store. Good job! Sony says that the problem resides with Facebook, not the app, and they are working to restore the app. No time frame has been set yet, so all of you Vita users just dying to post updates to your Facebook will just have to wait. You could always tweet about it and then laugh about the whole experience on Facebook when the app is fixed. Oh mai.

[Thanks Kotaku]


Pre-order Divination










So apparently God Of War IV pre-orders are being accepted by a South African retailer called BT Games. They even have an ETA of when the game comes out: February 2013. I find this so funny because it’s in such an unusual place and sounds like something a Chinese retailer would have done to sell a knockoff. Please dear readers take this news with a grain of salt. While God of War IV rumors have been sprouting up and it may even be possible that the game will come out next year, release ETA’s never come out this early. Also, if you’re in South Africa I would not waste my money on pre-orders for the game when Sony hasn’t even confirmed that the game is going to even exist yet. Just saying

[Thanks Gaming Everything]


That’s all for Sonydo this week. I hope you enjoyed and stay tuned for next week’s journey into the Twilight fandom…I mean world of Sony. Until then, take care.


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