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access_time February 29, 2012 at 2:04 PM in Culture by Drew Robbins

Mass Effect 3, Other Games Will Not Be Released at UK Retailer GAME

If you couldn’t tell by the fact that there is a news story dealing with the game every day, then let me be the first to inform you that Mass Effect 3 is a big deal. The third game in the Mass Effect franchise is riding such a wave of hype that, were it to materialize properly, it could easily demolish a large, industrialized city. It’s easier to count retailers that won’t be selling Mass Effect 3 than it is to count those that will; GAME, a UK-based retailer, just happens to be of the minority that will not be stocking the highly anticipated sequel.

GAME has seen better times as a highly specialized retailer dealing primarily in the distribution of video games; Tom Devine, channel director for GAME, gave concerning details regarding the future of the company. “Last week we held an event for our publishers in the industry and explained the challenges we are facing in the short term – and we asked for their support…We will not stock products if the terms are not right for our business – a position we believe is critical to our long term health as a business – we have taken the very difficult decision to not stock EA’s March releases, including Mass Effect 3.”

The bad news began for GAME earlier in the month when they cut 46 jobs, and it continued from there as they completely missed the boat on Ubisoft’s launch lineup for the Playstation Vita. Their struggles have impacted publisher profits garnered from UK sales leading both Activision and EA to speak publicly about GAME in recent financial calls.

Times are tough for GAME, and all of us at Got Game wish them the best of luck in their recovery process. It’s a shame that the giant, blockbuster property that is Mass Effect 3 won’t be able to be the company’s saving grace.



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