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Man Wins a Life-Sized Mario Kart from Nintendo

by on February 29, 2012

Playing Super Mario Kart, regardless of which version, is a pretty fun affair.

But one man gets to enjoy Mario Kart on a whole other level, as Nathanial Stehley, 27, recently won the Gamestop Epic Reward Giveway, which saw him win a life-sized ‘Mario Kart’.  Stehley was given the kart on Tuesday, as Nintendo dropped by his house in Clarksville, Tenn. to turn over the vehicle, which was created in part by West Coast Customs.

The karts themselves are actually drivable and were created based off of two karts found on Mario Kart 7 – no word on whether or not he received a Lucky 7, Bullet Bill or bag of banana peels.

No doubt Stehley will garner plenty of attention on the road and if he decides one kart is enough, we’ll gladly take it off his hands!

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