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access_time February 28, 2012 at 4:48 PM in Culture by Andrew Kent

Super Fighter Team Is Making A SNES Game

Are you too old or too old fashioned for new gaming consoles? Are those CBOX 630’s and SP3’s just too confangled and confusing for you? Do you still have an intact Super Nintendo but have been waiting forever for those youngins to make a new game for it? Well wait no longer old timer! Super Fighter Team is coming out with a new game that it’s calling Nightmare Busters.

Yes, all those years of waiting were worth it! It’s been 14 years since you played that Frogger remake and now you can have something newfangled for yourself! Wait there’s more! To make you feel even more special and young you can waste…err PAY sixty dollars to pre-order Nightmare Busters (Pre-orders limited to 600 copies). Oh, with my dementia and what not I forgot that the game won’t be out until 2013. Hopefully you’re still around by then. Cheers!

[Thanks Kotaku]


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