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Apple Wins iPad Battle in Shanghai, War Still Rages On…

by on February 26, 2012

For those of you who haven’t kept up with the recent news, iPad-giant Apple is currently in a custody battle with Chinese company Proview over the rights to the name “iPad.” Proview claims to have had rights to the term before the multi-million unit-selling device was released, and now wants to stop all sales of the tablet in China. The fight is still raging on in multiple courts, but in Shanghai, a winner has been determined: Apple.

Apple’s victory in Shanghai will allow them to continue selling iPads in Shanghai, but does not determine the fate of the iPad across China. As reported in Kotaku, a smaller court located in Shijiazhuang province ruled in favor of Proview; the final outcome will likely need to be determined by China’s higher courts in Beijing.

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