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access_time February 24, 2012 at 12:55 PM in Culture by Lukas Jaro

Mass Effect supports UFO Disclosure. You should too.

If you’ve ever played Mass Effect, you know it features various extraterrestrial species – in other words “aliens”.  In fact, there are dozens of them in the game and they play an important role in the game’s plot. I’m sure you’ll agree that’s great and all, but it’s still just a video game. What if, though, real extraterrestrial civilizations existed? Is there anybody out there or are we alone in the universe? What do you think?

With literally billions of planets in our galaxy alone, it would be ridiculous to think we’re the only intelligent beings in the cosmos. But what if aliens are already here, visiting us, and the government is keeping it a secret?

The website http://petition.masseffect.com/ is encouraging fans to sign a petition that would force the government to “set up a Public Enquiry for the enquiry into the UFO phenomena and any possible extraterrestrial involvement.” 

Further, “all relevant documentary, physical, and eye witness evidence, held by, or known to the government, should be disclosed and made available to the public enquiry.”  10,000 signatures are needed and 1,391 have been collected so far.

Although this movement is mainly aimed towards the government in the UK, it still is relative and has an importance. In recent history there have been millions of UFO sightings reported all over the world, some of which have remained unexplained to this day. Many countries or agencies have disclosed and opened up their files in the past decade, inluding for example the FBI. Apparently that’s not enough and people want to know more. I agree. If the government has any further knowledge regarding unidentified flying objects, it should share that information with its citizens and disclose it. With shows like X-Files, Stargate SG-1 or V, one has to wonder. Are we being told the truth? And if not, why?

I’ll leave the answer and thinking up to you. We probably won’t see little green men walking on the White House lawn anytime soon, but just to make sure… keep an open mind and check out the petition, will ya? 😉

P.S. If anything, it’s great marketing for Mass Effect 3 – which comes out in the States on March 6th. Have you played the demo? Let us know what did you think!


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