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access_time February 22, 2012 at 9:10 PM in News by Drew Robbins

EA Launches Mass Effect 3 Into Space, Literally

Uttering the name Mass Effect, a moniker belonging to one of this generation’s most popular franchises, conjures up the image of the vast, deep yonder that is space. It is with this in mind that EA is releasing a special edition of Mass Effect 3 known as the game’s Space Edition.

How does it earn this title, you ask? By being launched into space, literally.

As a part of a partnership with Ben Longmier, head of the Project Aether space program at the University of Houston, and the gifted and talented students of Texas A&M’s High Altitude Balloon Club, EA will be launching several copies of Mass Effect 3 into space before the game’s release on March 6. The games will be launched out of such big cities as San Francisco, New York, and even locations in Europe.

What happens to these early copies of Mass Effect 3 when Earth’s gravitational pull takes its natural toll and brings the games to the ground? Let’s just say that finders-keepers rules are in play here. If you were to, say, stumble upon it on a stroll in the park, then it would be yours for the taking. By accessing this special website, eager players can track down the rogue copies of Mass Effect 3 as they descend to the ground in the hopes of emerging from this galactic scavenger hunt victorious.

Blast off for Mass Effect 3: Space Edition is at 7 am PST. But, for those of you not in range of a forlorn early copy, Mass Effect 3 is available to everyone in North America on March 6.



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