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EA/Crytek Working On a New Title

by on February 21, 2012

Could Crysis 3 be on the way? Perhaps TimeSplitters 4? EA’s keeping the details to itself, but a recent EA job posting says that one of these two projects may be in the works.

360 web journal 360Zine reports that a listing was created for a video director that would not only work alongside Crytek, but also shows preference to someone familiar with the CryEngine, the engine responsible for game graphics that have left many a PC crying in a corner from sheer intimidation.

Neither a new TimeSplitters or another entry into the Crysis series has been announced officially, so it technically is entirely possible that this is for a new franchise, though that seems unlikely given the success of the Crysis games and the cult-popularity of TimeSplitters. Hopefully more information will be disclosed soon as to whether we’ll be time-hopping in an arcade shooter, or taking on enemies in a newly-enhanced cybernetic warsuit in the future.



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