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access_time February 21, 2012 at 1:41 AM in Features by Ramon Aranda

Digital Uppercuts: Fight Night Champion Decides Pacquiao vs. Mayweather

Hello all, this is Ramon Aranda, your new Sr. Editor here at GotGame.com.  And this week, I’m kicking off my new column, Digital Uppercuts, where I’ll discuss a myriad of topics each time around.  For this inaugural piece, given the column’s title, I’ve decided to dedicate it to a heavily anticipated fight that has yet to occur: Manny Pacquiao vs. Floyd Mayweather.

While the boxing world continues to wait for this fight that may never actually happen, I decided to take matters into my own hands.  I’ve enlisted the assistance of Fight Night Champion on the Xbox 360 to pit these two fighters in a virtual dream match.  Though Pacquiao is already in the game, Floyd’s likeness is not.  So I had to create him, and gave him some appropriate stats, which at the end of the day, ended up giving both he and Pacquiao an overall score of 93; so no unfair advantages.

Below is a recap of the fight, with some photos and videos of key moments in the fight, so enjoy!

Manny Pacquiao came out firing from the opening bell, using combinations and quick movements to force Mayweather to take an early defensive approach. With Manny showing Floyd plenty of angles, a straight left hand near the end of the round stunned Mayweather, who managed to weather the storm. In the second round, Floyd tried picking his spots with counter rights, but Manny continued to press the action, connecting with overhand lefts that caused a cut under Mayweather’s right eye by the end of the third round.

It became quite clear midway through the fifth that Mayweather was simply unable to find enough openings to make Pacquiao pay for his aggression, as Pacquiao constant movement and combinations took away Floyd’s jab, while his in-fighting kept Floyd on his heels. Mayweather however, kept biding his time, looking for any counter-punching opportunities. In the sixth round, Pacquiao landed another straight left that clearly hurt Mayweather and buckled his knees. The left had been there all night for Pacquiao but Mayweather’s recuperative powers kept him in the fight.

By the seventh and eighth rounds, the busy workrate from Pacquiao began to take his toll as his output started to dip and fatigue started to set in. Mayweather meanwhile found some openings with the right uppercut and counter left hooks. Pacquiao again stunned Mayweather in the eighth round with a left uppercut but his weariness didn’t allow him to follow up as well as he could have. With less than a minute to go in the ninth, Mayweather finally opened up, stopping Pacquiao in his tracks with a left hook and then visibly hurting him with a right hand up the middle. With Pacquiao clearly ahead on the scorecards going into the tenth, Mayweather suddenly connected with a picturesque right hand down the pipe that sent a tired Pacquiao down to the canvas. Pacquiao bravely made it to his feet and actually went on the attack, looking to get back at Mayweather, who allowed him to make it out of the round.

In the eleventh, Pacquiao again came out aggressively and appeared to be controlling the round when a left uppercut from Mayweather connected out of nowhere and sent Pacquiao down for the second time. As Manny sunk to one knee, Mayweather raised his hand up in victory, assuming Pacquiao would stay down. Pacquiao however, would again make it to his feet and with the crowd in a frenzy, traded with Mayweather to close the round.

The crowd greeted the fighters in the final round with a standing ovation and Mayweather came out aggressively; hurting Manny again with a right hand, before a crushing left hook sent him down for the third time in the fight. This time, the referee felt it was over and quickly waved it off, giving Mayweather the emphatic twelfth round TKO. At the time of the stoppage, Pacquiao was ahead 104-103 on all three scorecards, proving his dominance over the course of the first nine rounds, before his ultimate undoing.

And that was that. In a virtual welterweight showdown, Mayweather emerged victorious, but only time will tell if they’ll get it on for real. Until then, hope you enjoyed this Fight Night Champion clash and see you all next week!


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