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access_time February 20, 2012 at 4:27 PM in News by John Speerbrecker

Take Two Trademarking New GTA and Rockstar TV


Just to add more to the GTA media frenzy that generally precedes the release of the next title, Take Two Interactive has just trademarked two items that will help build the framework for the upcoming game.

Take Two has recently trademarked 2 interesting ips. The first of them being “Rockstar TV” and the second of them being “GTA TV”. This could be nothing more than trying to capture their ideas so that in the future, people will not be able to create their own channels either on the internet or in other media formats.

What could this mean for us? To get completely wild on making rumors, it could mean that there is in the works a player driven channel either on their web site or on youtube.com where you will be able to watch other players playing the game live on the internet. Chances of that actually happening? Who knows, what we do know is that Rockstar has always tried to go well above and beyond all the expectations of their consumers by trying to build not just a virtual environment but they also would like to include players to take part in it outside of just the game space.

We have seen this done before from other games in the form of simple webisodes. But it would be cool to see either. We will find out in a few months more than likely but in the meantime, just wait for the next trailer. It is also interesting to note that last year, they had also trademarked “Rockstar Films”. The pattern just leans itself to just nothing more than trademark buyouts.


  • unlimitedlives February 20, 2012 at 4:36 PM

    Yeah I would think that it would be a player driver channel. It makes the most sense. Maybe Rockstar is taking an example from Call of Duty Elite maybe…

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