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access_time February 16, 2012 at 12:27 PM in News by Drew Robbins

PS3 Firmware 4.11 Available, Does Almost Nothing

If there’s any one thing from this generation that industry followers love pointing to in hysteria it’s the abundance of firmware updates made available for the Playstation 3. It seems as if not a day goes by in which one innocently turns on their hardware and isn’t greeted by an ominous message prompting an immediate update of the system’s firmware. Today is no different; PS3 Firmware 4.11 is here.

4.11, coming only a little bit more than a week after its predecessor, brings with it broad, sweeping changes to the system’s firmware as it purports to “improve certain aspects of system software.” If that revolutionary feat overwhelms you, there’s no need to worry; PS3 Firmware 4.11 is completely optional in the United States.

Let us bask in this brief, isolated moment of national superiority.



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