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Ubisoft Gears up for PS Vita Launch with 5 New Games

by on February 14, 2012

Just in time for tomorrow’s Vita 1st Edition Bundle release, Ubisoft has dropped 5 Vita titles today. Covering a wide range of gameplay styles, the games are likely intended to catch impulse buys for those picking up Vitas in the next couple weeks.

Starting off the list is the dungeon-crawling multiplayer game Dungeon Hunter Alliance, which allows players to take advantage of the Vita’s online capabilities and slay baddies with up to three of their friends. Secondly, the popular dance/rhythm title Michael Jackson: The Experience makes its way to the handheld platform, promising to create a rhythm game that uses multiple facets of the Vita’s technology.

Wrapping up the count are three entries into familiar franchises: Asphalt: Injection, a racing game which will be familiar to mobile platform gamers, Rayman: Origins, the 2D platformer that released on the other major platforms late last year, and Lumines: Electronic Symphony, a new entry into the Tetris-like, music-based puzzle series.

All these titles are currently available for purchase at local retailers.

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