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Twisted Metal Makes Its Return Today

by on February 14, 2012

PS3 owners will rejoice today with the long awaited return of Twisted Metal, on Valentine’s Day no less.

First introduced to gamers in 1995, the car-combat title retains its dark humor, fast gameplay, destruction and plenty of cars while taking on the role of Sweet Tooth, Doll Face and Mr. Grimm.

“As a multi-million unit selling series, and the longest running franchise in PlayStation history, Twisted Metal is a major factor in our continued success with the PlayStation brand,” said Guy Longworth, Senior Vice President, PlayStation Brand Marketing. “With its introduction on the PS3, Twisted Metal delivers the series’ signature dark humor and personality while adding a deep online component, unique single player experience, and vast battle environments.”

In addition to four-player split-screen, players will be able to jump online and compete in a variety of game modes with up to 16 people within eight environments and in over 30 maps.  In additional to expected modes such as Team Deathmatch, Twisted Metal also introduces new modes such as Nuke, where two teams battle to destroy each other’s statue by abducting the enemy’s team leader and sacrificing them to launch a nuclear missile.

The game also includes a single-player campaign in which players will engage in separate storylines featuring Mr. Grimm, Sweet Tooth and Doll Face while getting access to all of the various 16 vehicles in the campaign.  A co-op mode is also included for the campaign.

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