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New Kingdom Hearts 3D Trailer

by on February 14, 2012

Square Enix has just released another, very long, trailer for Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance. This one showcases more of the worlds such as Trickster’s Paradise and the Fantasia world but also shows off what seems to be The World That Never Was. Along with the whimsy and cheery attitude that is present in all Kingdom Hearts games, we also see that shit is hitting the fan in this game. Master Xehanort is back and it looks like the rest of Org. XIII may be back as well. Xigbar at least has been confirmed in the video, as well as Axel and Xehanort’s Nobody. I won’t spoil all the fun for you guys. Savor this video because there won’t be much more KH news until Square starts hinting at the next Kingdom Hearts game.


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