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access_time February 13, 2012 at 12:00 AM in Features by John De Large

Xbox Fever (Feb. 13)

Hey folks, welcome to XBOX FEVER.  I’m John De Large and I’ll be dispensing your weekly dose of Microsoft related news. I may be new to writing for GotGame but I’ve written for a few other sites before as a reviewer and a contributing editor, so I think I’ll be a good fit here.

Okay, enough with the intros, here comes some news!

Microsoft Flight Lands On XBLA At The End Of February

Says: Slashgear
Larry Hyrb/@MajorNelson
We say: Looks like Microsoft is taking the whole Flight Simulator thing to a whole new level with Microsoft Flight, a free-to-download flight simulator, available February 29th. Gamers can fly an aircraft across the beautiful majestic island of Hawaii for starters, though other content, likely different destinations and aircraft can be downloaded for an extra cost.

There’s nothing wrong with a free to download game that features pay for play upgrades, think of the free download as a game demo, that’s what I do.

Kinect Star Wars Bundle Available in April

Says: Game Guru
We say: Finally! It’s been almost two years since I watched the unveiling of the Kinect (then known as Project Natal) at a Cirque du Soleil performance with these guys named Ramon and Adam. During the unveiling there was a demo of a Star Wars game that translates lightsaber swinging motions into in-game attacks against droids, assorted Sith and Darth freaking Vader himself. Sadly, that was all we ever got to see or hear of the game, until now. Now, the long awaited Star Wars Bundle (!) will make its way to stores on April 13th along with an R2D2 themed Xbox 360 Slim (!!!) and a C-3PO controller (meh).

Excited? With games like Jedi Destiny: Dark Side Rising, Rancor Rampage and Duel of Fate, I know I am. Other games in the bundle include the less awesome sounding Podracing and Galactic Dance Off. Huh? I wonder if there are any other decent deals coming up?

Mass Effect 3 Demo Will Come With Temporary Gold Membership For Xbox Live

Says: Shack News
We say: Mass Effect 3’s new “Galaxy At War,” co-op mode (which will be available with the upcoming ME3 demo) will require gamers to have an Xbox Live Gold Membership. Thankfully, BioWare is willing to help Xbox Live Silver members out — any Silver members who play the demo will receive a temporary Gold membership that will last for an undetermined amount of time. You can download your demos (and get that matching membership upgrade) on February 14th and pick up a proper copy of the game on PC, PS3 and of course Xbox 360 on March 6th.

Now that’s a heck of an act of kindness! Maybe pre-orders will start coming with free Gold memberships to go with games that have multiplayer modes? It’d be a heck of a way to guarantee a purchase for some gamers. So what else is coming out soon?

New Xbox Console To Arrive in Fall 2013

Says: The Wall Street Journal
We say: Wow, that’s a little far off, but good to know! Rumors have been flying around about Microsoft putting together a console with six times the power of the Xbox 360, PS3, 3DS or PS Vita and would be 20% stronger than the upcomng Wii-U. However, IGN has talked to sources working on Microsoft’s tentatively named “Xbox 720,” by some (and “Xbox Trinity,” by others) and it seems that Microsoft is looking to ship their next big console by late 2013.

Not bad eh? A console with six times the power of anything we’ve got right now would look mighty fine and would have to be a must own item for any gamer. If it lives up to being stronger than the Wii-U — then Nintendo could be in deep trouble. But that’s not the only problem the Wii-U might have going up against the 720/Trinity.

Next Xbox May Have Wii-U Like Controller

Says: CVG/Xbox World Magazine
We say: In the latest issue of XBW, sources report the next Xbox will feature a controller that resembles Sony’s PS Vita in what appears to be an attempt to outdo the Wii-U and their tablet shaped controller. The magazine even describes the Xbox 720/Trinity pad as “an HD screen surrounded by the traditional 360 buttons and sticks.”

Wow, so if this controller can navigate the dashboard or even playback media, the 720/Trinity has got me sold. There’s just one thing that sounds iffy to me though….

Next Xbox May Not Support Used Games

Says: The handsome devils at New Game Plus
We say: Those guys at New Game Plus aren’t just handsome, they’re talented, strong and legend tells that each one of them can make a 30 Minute Meal in just 20 minutes!

And — as it says right in the article title, Microsoft is looking for a way to phase out playing used games on their consoles. Well that’s a little harsh! First, gamers have to register for an extra pass to play certain games online (Mortal Kombat 9, I’m looking at you) and now there’s a chance that all gamers won’t be able to even play used games.

Used games are the only way some gamers can ever afford to play games. Or, if a game is old enough and rare enough, buying it secondhand or playing a friend’s copy is the only way gamers can ever experience the game, period. But that means little to game makers who see less and less profit every time you or I borrow Uncharted or Mirror’s Edge from our friends (not that I’m taking their side or anything!).

With that, I’m signing off. Thanks for reading! I’ll be here next week provided I don’t get cancelled or the computer doesn’t blow up (there’s a good chance of either one happening).

Until then, be good!


  • Ramon Aranda February 13, 2012 at 12:28 AM

    I heard about that used game stuff too…that would be a huge fail!

    As for a new console, I don’t think Microsoft really needs to pump one out until early 2014, but we shall see.

  • unlimitedlives February 13, 2012 at 10:19 AM

    It would be a total fail and I really don’t see that happening. The only way I think to deter the loss of money from trading in games is to focus on boosting the actual library of the DLC Marketplace and follow the steam sales tactic to generate profit. Cut the middle man out (Gamestop)

  • Ramon Aranda February 14, 2012 at 6:59 PM

    I’ve got a fever…and there’s only one cure. I need more Microsoft!

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