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Review: I <3 Geeks

I Heart Geeks is something quite unexpected for something that you would associate with Marc Ecko. In this imaginative puzzle game on the Nintendo DS, you are of course a nerdy geek that is going through the growing pains of high school. The jocks haven’t taken too kindly to you and your friends, so it will be up to you and geeky friends to go to your club and learn how to teach these bullies a lesson, a hard lesson in physics.

In this quirky puzzle game from SevenOne Intermedia, the only tool that will help you along is your brain. Well, your brain and some useful gadgets.  Each of the hundred levels is laid out with your problem on the top screen and the tools that you need on the bottom screen. Only your tools are movable objects. You will be given a objective such as popping a balloon or powering on a machine using lasers.

In the scenes of each round you place the items in your inventory into the space on the top screen. When all of your pieces are put in place, simply push the start button and set it into motion. Here is where you will be able to see if your insight and mechanical wizardry skills work together to complete each challenge. Now, in addition to solving these puzzles, you are also working against the clock to complete it in as short of an amount of time as possible.  Don’t worry about that too much though, if you feel that you have taken too long  on a puzzle, you can always go back and repeat it for a better time.

Overall, the puzzles start out relatively easy and progressively get more difficult. For example, I was stuck on one of the last levels for a day trying to figure it out. This title is geared for kids, but adults can get a challenge out of it as well. The story line which was from Marc Ecko, seems a little simple for something with his branding and art style. I would expect something a little more resonant to what Ecko stands for.

What was cool: Puzzle design that was easy to grasp and manipulate to solve each challenge. With 100 different puzzles, each one is set up to give a new challenge without being too repetitive. You will however, utilize the same mechanics pretty regularly and it will provide you a enjoyable time.

What needed work: The story has been overdone so many times before. It would have been nice to see a little more depth to the characters but its understandable that this game has been geared toward a younger demographic and they wanted to keep it simple.  The multiplayer could have been done with one cart and since each player will need a copy of the game, that makes it difficult to play.

Overall, I enjoyed this game, but I did have high expectations due to its connection with Marc Ecko. There is replayability for this as well and you are pitted against your own times but after playing through it once, you don’t get much of a challenge out of it.  For $29.99 it seems to be a bit overpriced, but when working with a licensed title like this, it is expected.

I Heart Geeks is available in stores now. Score 3/5


  • unlimitedlives February 11, 2012 at 10:10 PM

    I just don’t see Marc Ecko being involved in this game at all. It’s just a weird combination.

    • Ramon Aranda February 12, 2012 at 11:37 AM

      LOL, maybe he just passed by and was like “Yeah, sure go ahead and make it”.

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