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Activision Announces Skylanders Giants

by on February 10, 2012

One of the more surprising success stories of the last holiday season was Spyro’s triumphant return in Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventures.  Skylanders itself managed to sell over 2 million units across various consoles, and the Skylanders figurines have been flying off of store shelves since the game’s release.  There was little doubt that Activision would capitalize on this success.

At the 2012 American International Toy Fair, Activision officially announced Skylanders Giants.  This sequel to the immensely popular kids franchise will incorporate many new features.  The most obvious addition to the franchise is the titular Giants.  Giants will be extra large figures which your portal of power will transform into extra large in-game characters.  Skylanders Giants will also feature a wide array of new regular sized characters, which will now light up when in close proximity to the portal of power.  Activision also promises that Skylanders Giants will include new game modes, new arenas, and more of everything people loved in the first game.  Furthermore, Skylanders Giants will have improved functionality with Skylanders Universe, an online companion to the game.

If you’ve already assembled an army of Skylanders, there’s no need to fret.  All of the characters you already own will be fully compatible with Skylanders Giants, and will retain any level-ups and customizations you’ve accumulated.

Activision has announced that they will be partnering with Toys R Us to help bring Skylanders Giants to the masses.  As of now, Activision has not announced a release date or which consoles Skylanders Giants will arrive on.  We’ll have the latest information for you as it becomes available!

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