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access_time February 6, 2012 at 12:15 PM in Previews by John Speerbrecker

Street Fighter X Tekken Fight Club Event at Mighty SF

On Feb 2nd, The Mighty nightclub hosted one of the many Street Fighter X Tekken Events that have been happening worldwide. There were hundreds of fans and press on hand to try out one of the biggest crossovers since fighting games have existed and now everyone’s patience has paid off. At the event not only did they have SFXT on hand and playable but they also had other versions of the game on hand for all to try out such as ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 for the PS Vita and Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition.

SSF4:AE was the first on the tour of the Fight Club. The game has been out since last year, released on XBLA and will be hitting PSN on Tuesday. The game will feature all of your favorite characters and will also be receiving an update on Feb. 21, which will add better balance to the game.

UMvC3 was up next. Having tried the other fighting games on the Vita, it was exciting to get a hands on with on of the most gorgeous games that I have seen on the handheld to date.  Of course, there are extra features on the game that made it much easier for a fighting game greenhorn such as myself to really get into and enjoy the experience. With a huge amount of characters and options in the game, this version is perfect for those of us who might not be the most hardcore fighting gamer in the world due to the easy play options where you will be able to pull off super combos with simple button presses. Those of you who might favor a more complex experience, this version is built for you as well. Complete with ultimate moves and fast and furious player switches, this is set up to be one of the best launch titles for the Vita.

Of course, Street fighter X Tekken was the main draw of this event. Complete with pro-competitors arcade style setups, and of course the game. We had about an hour with the three games until they let in the rest of the fans to try them out. What I had experienced with the newest iteration of a 25 year old franchise was more than a new coat of paint or an updated model. What the team at Capcom has done is really take some of the best elements of both of these series and place them into one hell of a fighting simulation.

If you don’t know by now, this is a 2-dimensional fighting game that takes the characters from both worlds and places them into a winner take all situation. Some of you might have preferred to have a little more of Tekken in this game, that being able to sidestep. But trust me, you will not miss it. what you get is a near perfect creation that uses the tried and true engine that has given us such a great game in Street Fighter IV. What this game has in it that you might find a bit different from your typical fare of Street Fighter games is the amount of customization that is available in it.

For the amount of customization, don’t expect it to be similar to the amount of items that were available in games like Tekken: Dark Resurrection, instead it is more of a customization of the color pallets that you will be able for two outfits of each character. Where the real ability to customize your character comes into play is in its gem system. In this, you will be able to focus on specialities for your fighters in order to boost their strengths and offset their weaknesses.

Are you one of the many players that just plain suck at these types of games? Well, Capcom has also implemented assist gems for those of us who cannot always hold our own when it comes to competition. They have given us noobs the tools necessary such as Super Easy Input to help level the playing field.

Have you been wondering what the hell that Pandora thing is supposed to be about? What it happens to be is an equalizing mechanic so that when your health is low enough, you will be able to perform a devastating move that will be able to take away half of your opponents energy much like the X-Ray attacks that we had seen in Mortal Kombat. One thing is for certain, this is a great way to help even out the playing field when you might be getting your butt kicked by some 12-year old in Arkansas.

If you are a fan of either brand, there is something in it for each of you, just be ready to bring your best online game when you are ready. Because there has always been Tekken Fans and there has always been Street Fighter fans. Now begins the battle for world domination. As far as it is concerned in a video game anyway.

Since the event, SFXT has gone gold and is now in production for the millions of us to get our hands on when it is released on March 6th of this year!


  • Ramon Aranda February 6, 2012 at 12:42 PM

    I’ll have to come to the next one…really wanted to try it out on the PS Vita.

    • unlimitedlives February 6, 2012 at 1:35 PM

      I think the idea of having the actual UMVC3 game on a PS Vita is quite impressive. Who would’ve imagined that we’d be getting next gen console like experience on the go. #headfarts

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