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access_time February 6, 2012 at 9:33 AM in Culture by Andrew Kent

Burning Embers: Groundhog Rant/Blog

Yes yes, I understand that Groundhog Day is well over with and I haven’t done this column in like a bajillion weeks but I’ve been busy! You youngsters these days don’t know anything about buys! Why, in my day I had to walk five miles, in the snow, uphill, both ways to keep busy!

Anyways, old codger acting aside, I was thinking last week about Groundhog’s day. It’s interesting that we believe that a tiny little furball can predict if we will have more winter or not. But then again, we believe that an octopus and other various animals can predict who will win the Super Bowl. I just think it’s high time we move forward, we’ve been stuck on believing fairy tales and myths for centuries and we’re only just now starting in the direction of getting rid of  superstition. However, I am being a bit of a hypocrite because I too am subject to superstition. I pick up a penny if it’s heads up for good luck, I hope that the fortune cookies I get are right some times, and I’ve always wished on my birthday candles. I think maybe we still cling to superstition and rituals like the ones I described previously because they give us that ounce of hope that something good might happen because we did this thing or that. If we gave up superstition would we be all right? Maybe, but then again maybe not.

What do you think about superstition dear readers? Leave a comment below. Also, I didn’t talk about video games in this post. You mad bro?


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