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access_time January 31, 2012 at 9:49 AM in Sony by AJ Dellinger

Buy Dragon’s Dogma to Play Resident Evil 6 Early

Oh Capcom, you sneaky bastards. You know we all can’t wait to get our hands on the recently announced Resident Evil 6. I mean, RE5 was pretty good, and RE4 is still a favorite for many gamers, so why wouldn’t the gaming world be psyched?

You know what not a lot of people are psyched for, though? Dragon’s Dogma. Not because it’s not good–just no one is really talking about it. So how could a company build up hype for a franchise that they would like to succeed while all the attention is on one that already has? Why, give people that buy Dragon’s Dogma a chance to play Resident Evil 6 before anyone else of course!

On May 22, Dragon’s Dogma drops and you can kill dragons or whatever. I honestly don’t know what Dragon’s Dogma is about (just kidding–I do know what it’s about. And it’s about killing dragons). By July 3, you’ll be slaying infected in the first demo for Resident Evil 6 (that is if you have an Xbox. PS3 owners have to wait until September 4). Well played, Capcom.


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