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access_time January 29, 2012 at 6:13 PM in News by John Speerbrecker

Nintendo Posts Profit Loss for Third Year in a Row.

So the Christmas season has come and gone. As we exhume the remains of what is left over through inventories across the world, Nintendo has revealed some of what they are working with in the coming months. Or, what they aren’t working with for that matter.

As of December 31st, those poor souls had posted another year of declining profits. This time, at a loss of $628M they had done quite well , compared to the previous year with everything that had happened over there. For example, the earthquake, the strong yen, and they also dropped the base price of the 3DS by 70 dollars a unit. So all in all, they have kept in together in light of those things the uncontrollables.

Now on the other side of the coin, in 2011 they had posted a loss of $947M against revenue pf 12.31B and that was at a loss of 29% from 2010. What they didn’t have in 2010 was the 3ds, natural disasters, and that whole financial thing ,but they still had strong sales of systems which seems to have teetered off since then.

It’s not fair to say that they haven’t been doing a good job in terms of profits. Because they HAVE proved to be profitable for quite a few years, and really most companies worldwide don’t even have that. Its just unfortunate that this is how the way that things are, if you aren’t better than the way you were last year, the shareholders will have the final say to your worth.

For 2012 they will have to get it together in order to make it another booming year. With the Wii U coming and with a better line-up of 3Ds games in the pipeline, they will do just fine.


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