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So you want to be a Hitman…Join the Club

by on January 28, 2012

Word of caution, murder is illegal in most countries. So joining this club will not get you the right to do so.

Square-Enix is prepping for the launch of Hitman: Absolution and with that, they have just launched the “Barcode Society” which will serve as a community portal for the upcoming game which comes out later this year. This site will bring people new information, artwork, and competitions that should tide players over until it is released. In the meantime, feel free to log onto the site and look into why this upcoming entry to the Hitman series might be the best one ever.

Hitman: Absolution will be released later this year for the PC, PS3, and the 360. There are also rumors pertaining to another Hitman project being worked on for other “Nexter-Gen” systems.


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