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access_time January 27, 2012 at 12:26 PM in Culture by Sebastian Marco

Why We’re Broke, California Writes ESA 950,000$ Check


Everyone likes politics, we just love those laws so much. Wait a sec, no we don’t! Usually the only time we oppose a bill or law is when it threatens something we like to do. Well, this time gamers in the state of California are paying for it.  In what was supposed to be Senator Yee’s and Governor Schwarzenegger’s ultimate coup de grace against minors, the banning of sales of  all violent video games to minors. Thankfully, the  Supreme Court wasn’t blind, deaf, or dumb, and struck down the law, which was a major victory, but the collateral damage has been done.  Legal battles aren’t cheap and the state of California now has to pay the ESA almost a million dollars, which is a lot less than the originally proposed amount.

The good ending here is the ESA is taking a portion of that money from the proceeds to  “develop after-school educational programs for underserved communities in Oakland and Sacramento.”The trade association’s new charitable education initiative will begin in the spring and will “harness young peoples’ natural passion for playing and making video games and connect them to the development of critical 21st century job skills.”  Way to be awesome ESA!



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