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Next XBOX Not Able To Play Used Games?

by on January 25, 2012

Rumors have been flying around recently (a lot more so than previous months) about the XBOX 720. There have been reports of dev kits that are going to be sent out to developers some time this year, a kinect with an on board processor will be bundled with the next gen XBOX, it’s apparently going to be six times more powerful than the 360, and that the system will support blu-ray, etc etc.

What I’m really peeved about is not that my 360 will soon be obsolete (that’s a close second dear readers), it’s the rumor that the next generation XBOX will not be compatible with used games. If Microsoft is REALLY trying to do this they would be fools. A lot of business comes out of the purchase of used games, and with games now at $60 a pop I’m certain people will slowly shy away from the next gen XBOX. Microsoft, if you really are thinking about making used games incompatible with the next gen XBOX then please reconsider. Game developing companies are already making a bundle from the amount charged currently for newly released games. Getting rid of used games will only strengthen people’s desire to pirate games. In the end, you will be wasting more money trying to get rid of the pirates than you would have if you just let the next gen XBOX play used games.

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