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access_time January 20, 2012 at 10:26 AM in Culture by AJ Dellinger

MegaUpload Shut Down By Feds

Who needs SOPA and PIPA? The government apparently can just shut things down on a whim anyway. The major file-sharing site MegaUpload.com, which made up 4% of the internet traffic on any given day and averaged 50 million users a day, has been taken off the web by the federal government. 7 employees of the site have been arrested across the world and the owner of the site is currently in jail. Oddly enough, world famous music producer and a member of the site’s board of directors, Swizz Beats, wasn’t detained. Funny what money can do for you.

The Department of Justice and FBI claimed that MegaUpload has cost companies and artists upwards of $500 million while bringing in over $175 million in “illegal profit.” Because the site bares a .com domain, a US domestic domain, they can be tried under US law. If the site were hosted elsewhere, a la the Pirate Bay, they would be out of reach of the US Government. This is what SOPA and PIPA would end, giving the feds the right to shut down any site regardless of where they are hosted and ban them from the US.

Welcome to the new world order. S*** is f***ed up.


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