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access_time January 19, 2012 at 2:43 PM in Features by Andrew Kent

Kingdom Hearts 3D Launch Date and Multiplayer Mode

Lots of Kingdom Hearts news this day, it’s almost as if the apocalypse really is upon us. (Three articles would mean we’re in real deep s%#@) Square Enix has revealed the Japanese release date for Kingdom Hearts 3DS and it is…gotta keep this news going a bit longer…bit longer…March 29th of this year. This is fortunate because the American release date will be well out of the way of my birthday and I will be less tempted to buy a 3DS just for the game…maybe.

In other related news Tetsuya Nomura has confirmed that Kingdom Hearts 3DS will have a multiplayer mode..yaaaay? Kingdom Hearts 358/2 had this but I never really used it. Probably because I’m awesome and would whoop ass, but mainly because I was isolated in the boonies for quite some time. Anyways, if you liked the 358/2 multiplayer feature then I’m commanding you to get psyched about multiplayer in 3DS! YEAH!



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