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Man Bullies Kid Over a PSP

by on January 17, 2012

I remember when I first got my PSP. I had the attention of my peers. Mostly they just wanted to check it out and see what games were on it. Never once was I ever bullied or harassed about it. Well in Osaka, Japan a grade school student and his friend were playing outside around 5:30, when they were approached by a middle age man who was a bit aggravated. He grabbed the kid by his shoulders and ask “Why do you own a PSP?” After that, he got on his bicycle and rode off.

What a big guy, huh? Picking on little kids, riding his badass bicycle into the night. Maybe his girlfriend broke up with him and left him for a guy with a PSP, after she didn’t want to play with his 3DS anymore. Police have sent out an email alert, saying if you see this man, first hide your PSP, and then call police.

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