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access_time January 17, 2012 at 12:40 PM in Culture by Sebastian Marco

A New Champion Has Arrived: Sujuani, The Winter’s Wrath

This new champion is a beast. Giving new meaning to the word tank, Sujuani is a mean, fierce, new champion in League of Legends. If the above picture wasn’t obvious enough, her powers are frost based. All of Sujuani’s attacks slow down enemies making her a worthy advisably for taking on groups of champions and slaughtering them one by one. here’s a list of here attacks that will be sure to cause problems for all who fight against Sujuani unprepared.

  • Frost (Passive) – Sejuani’s basic attacks apply Frost, reducing enemy Movement Speed by 10% for 3 seconds.
  • Arctic Assault – Sejuani charges forward to deal magic damage and apply Frost to enemies. Sejuani stops upon colliding with an enemy champion.
  • Northern Winds – Sejuani summons an arctic storm around her which deals magic damage to nearby enemies every second. Damage is increased against enemies affected by Frost or Permafrost.
  • Permafrost – Sejuani converts Frost on nearby enemies to Permafrost, dealing magic damage and increasing the Movement Speed reduction dramatically.
  • Glacial Prison (Ultimate) – Sejuani throws her weapon, stunning the first enemy champion hit. Nearby enemies are stunned for a shorter duration. All targets take magic damage and are affected by Frost.

Sujuani is available now and costs 975 Riot points or 6300 Influence points.



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