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access_time January 14, 2012 at 10:43 AM in Culture by John Speerbrecker

Fun With SOPA, SEGA Style

Maybe this title might be a little misleading. In an call to SEGA’s customer service department, a customer decided to ask what is SEGA’s stance on SOPA. (I thinks it stands for Sucky Online Poop Asses).  Instead of getting a response to the extent of, “The Mighty SEGA has no need to explain itself to you.” The customer got a much different response.

The automated computer response had told the customer to perform a,”hard reset on the device”. Serves him right to try to get a political opinion on a technical help line. The situation had escalated from that help line and in response, SEGA decided to make a video response to the customer to help make better light of his frustration.

In the video, the PR team does make light of the situation but what it doesn’t do is answer the customer’s question. So even though this started out as a question on a stance that the company takes on our government policy, it ends up just making fun of the problems with automated help systems.

*We are still waiting for an answer.


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