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SOPA Author In Violation of SOPA

by on January 13, 2012

This should come as no surprise, but the guy behind the Stop Online Piracy Act–Texas Republican Lamar Smith–is in violation of the rules that would be put forth under SOPA. Why should this come as no surprise? Because the bill shows he has no understanding of the internet and this just further proves it.

Smith’s own site, www.texansforlamarsmith.com, contains a background image that belongs to photographer DJ Schulte. While this isn’t illegal as the image is protected under Creative Commons, Smith failed to acknowledge the original owner of the image which is a direct violation of SOPA. As such, he own website would be removed from the web according to his bill.

Vice, the website that discovered this information, is researching the sites of the other 31 SOPA cosigners. We’ve got a feeling that hypocrisy travels in packs.

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