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access_time January 12, 2012 at 9:03 AM in Culture by Andrew Kent

Notch: Can’t Afford Minecraft? Pirate It

Resistance is even more futile now that Minecraft creator Markus Persson has officially stated that you should pirate Minecraft if you can’t afford it. The statement (which you can see here) was a reply to a tweet from a twitter user asking if he could have a free copy of Minecraft before he resorted to pirating. Notch also told the twitter user to “feel bad” about pirating Minecraft with a cheeky winky face afterwards.

See? Not all pirates are nasty drunkards. Some of them are actually kind and caring souls. But the point is, if Notch isn’t worried about pirating then why should other companies be? Sure they lose some business but there are still plenty of users out there who have bought the game. There may be even a lot of people who pirated the game and then bought the game afterwards.

In the end, pirate Minecraft, feel bad about it, and then support the game by actually buying it if you like it!


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