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EuroStore Highlights: Vol. #1

Every week the Playstation Store is updated with new and exciting content. Every week it’s up to you to decide what you’ll be downloading and spending your hard-earned pennies on. It’s not always easy and sometimes it can even be a real dilemma. For all of our European readers out there, *waves*, here’s a new weekly feature from us to you! Check out highlights of what the Store has to offer, read about the new content and come back later for more! EuroStore Highlights, here we go!

We’re in the first week of 2012 and that coincidentally comes along with the first Playstation Store update of this year. What new stuff is included and what’s worth checking out?

  • Batman Arkham City – Challenge Map Pack (£2.39/€2.99)

Batman Arkham City is a great game and without a doubt one of the best titles of 2011. The action-adventure developed by Rocksteady Studios, a sequel to Arkham Asylum, came out in October of last year. It features a large cast of characters from the Batman universe, has a fine soundtrack, great gameplay, universal acclaim by critics and it even supports stereoscopic 3D. Since its release alot of DLC content has been released and now there’s even more to satisfy your needs.

The Challenge Map Pack contains 3 additional challenge maps, including: The Iceberg Lounge, The Joker’s Carnival and The Batcave. These challenge maps are playable as Batman and any of the downloadable playable characters (Catwoman, Nightwing and Robin).

  • All Zombies Must Die! (£7.99/€9.99)

As the title suggests, the game centres on a zombie outbreak. Now, I know we’ve had plenty of games with a similiar premise in the past, but this one is a little different. It features some rpg elements and although a shooter, it feels more like an adventure game. You can choose one of four characters and play both single-player and multiplayer. Locations include the town centre, suburbs and shopping mall. Graphically, it has a distinctive and cartoon-ish look – somewhat similiar to the Jimmy Neutron TV series. Complete quests, gather items and fight zombies! It can keep you busy for a while and it’s fun.


  • Back To The Future: The Game, Episodes 1 to 5 (100% off for PS Plus)

Now it’s time to hop into the pond of Playstation Plus! I’m sure almost all of you are familiar with the Back To The Future movies. Well, guess what? A episodic videogame series exists as well! If you’re a fan of the film franchise and are lucky enough to be a PS+ subscriber, go grab it! With 5 episodes to play through you’ll take control of Marty, interact with the environment and other characters, solve puzzles, collect items and more. It may not be a perfect adaptation, but it’s licensed, fun and relatively long.

  • Rally Cross (100% off for Playstation Plus)

Ready for some old-school racing? Great, because Rally Cross is just that! Originally released in 1997 for the first PlayStation, it sports pretty vibrant graphics considering its age and even today is still loads of fun. It’s a bit chaotic, it’s a bit bouncy, but it hasn’t lost its charm. The terrain offers alot of variety and the game is playable with up to 4 players in split screen. Courses can be raced both forwards and backwards, along with a suicide mode where you race in the opposite direction of the other cars. Don’t expect GT5, but there’s enough mud, dirt and snow to strap you in for a ride of nostalgia. Plus it’s free!

  •  Arc The Lad (100% off for Playstation Plus)

Arc The Lad is a single-player tactical RPG, originally released in 1995 in Japan. It’s fairly short, but has a relatively complex storyline that develops throughout the first game and its sequels. You play as the boy Arc, who seeks to find his lost father and encounters various other characters on his quest. With a 2D cartoon-ish look and a partially orchestrated musical score, you can’t go wrong. It’s an interesting Japanese import and, of course, for PS+ subscribers now free.

  • Sonic The Hedgehog 4 Episode II Teaser Trailer

Yup, I know it’s just a teaser trailer, but… It’s exciting! Sonic 4 Episode I wasn’t the best Sonic game in history, I agree, but at least it was a step in the right direction. Moving back to 2D gameplay and trying to bring back what made the first Sonic titles so great is worth mentioning. There were some flaws and it perhaps was a bit rushed, but we did get 1080p resolution and a were introduced to a world map. This time developers have enough time to polish up the gameplay and update the physics engine, along with the graphics, therefore it should be a better experience overall. Not to mention that… **** and ***** ***** are coming back. Just download the video and see for yourself 😉


Don’t forget, there are still Festive Sales until January 11th, so go grab a few titles at a reduced price!

What are you waiting for? Go pick up the controller, sign-in and start shopping! And don’t forget to come back again next week for more. Until then, game on!

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  • unlimitedlives January 7, 2012 at 2:03 PM

    They’re taking their sweet time with Sonic 4 aren’t they?

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