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Zombie Invasion: House of The Dead Games Coming To PSN

by on January 6, 2012

Gaaaaaaaames! Too much?  Sega is finally bring over one of their classic franchises, and it doesn’t include hedgehogs or jet grinding skaters. I am talking about the zombie packed shooters House of the Dead 3 & 4. But, I mean, if you’ve played one zombie shooter survival horror game you’ve played them all right? So what’s new about these ones?

Well, I hope you have something to catch your jaw from dropping. Not only will both games be coming out exclusively for the PlayStation Network, but both will include remastered high definition graphics, trophies, and complete PS Move support for the true arcade zombie blasting  experience. Getting trophies for blowing away zombies? I think that’s something we all like.

Not only is all that going on,  but this is also the first time HoTD 4 has ever been on consoles! So when can we expect these zombie gems? Soooooon. Okay, i’ll stop now. But we can expect both House of the Dead 3&4, to hit the PSN next month, on February 7. Get your shotguns ready!

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