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access_time January 6, 2012 at 9:10 AM in Culture by Andrew Kent

Wii U VS. Next Gen PS and XBOX AT E3

The rumor mill is at it again with the “next gen consoles” stuff dear readers. This time it’s saying that the Wii U will be going head to head with the next generation Playstation and XBOX at E3. I am rolling my eyes right now and heaving a big sigh of dislike. Again, Microsoft and Sony have nothing to gain from a next gen console, there isn’t much they could pack into one. If Microsoft or Sony did come out with the PS4 or XBOX 720 they would only be adding a few trinkets to the systems. Apple does this and everyone wastes their money every year.

“Oh a new doojiggy was added to the iPhone 5. I’ll spend six hundred dollars for this new model that is basically the same as the old model.”

Next generation consoles need to push boundaries and bring in lots of new features for it to be even worth it for me to buy. Now, if Sony and Microsoft were planning on updating the hardware and producing a new XBOX 360 or PS3 then by all means go ahead. This gives newcomers a chance to purchase a 360 or PS3 with some new added tweaks. If the companies do that then it doesn’t mean that my 360 will become obsolete within a year. Myself and many other 360 users who don’t want next gen consoles yet will be able to still play new titles without having to switch to the next level up.

For all of you people who say that the Wii-U is a reason for Sony and Microsoft to push out next generation consoles, please put some duct tape over your mouth. The Wii-U is only catching up with the PS3 and XBOX 360, it will be some competition but it’s not going to be that much of a challenge. It will be a definite competitor in Japan since the 360 isn’t that big there, but otherwise it won’t give the PS3 or XBOX 360 much trouble.

Just because you all keep spreading rumors about next gen consoles does not mean that it will make them appear any faster. If it’s not broken then DON’T FIX IT.


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