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access_time January 6, 2012 at 10:52 AM in Culture by Lukas Jaro

Firefall: Lee “Hawk” Reherman to cosplay “Typhon”

Laguna Hills, CA – January 6, 2012 – Red 5 Studios™ announces it has cast Lee “Hawk” Reherman to take on the role of Firefall’s hardened war hero, “Typhon”, at future events. Red 5 is unveiling Lee, and Crystal Graziano – recently chosen to play “Mourningstar” – in their newly completed “battleframes” with a new trailer. Both battleframes were hand-crafted by award-winning Hollywood FX artist, Steve Wang, and his team.


Most well-known as “Hawk” on American Gladiators, Lee Reherman also hosted five seasons of “Arena” on G4 and has played multiple wacky characters on the Disney Channel. His vibrant personality, athleticism, and remarkable likeness to Typhon, made him the perfect fit to play the Firefall character. Red 5 plans to bring Lee, as Typhon, to at least six conventions during 2012, as well as feature him in a yet unannounced project aimed at bringing Firefall’s rich sci-fi universe to life.



Fans can follow the official Firefall blog to stay informed about upcoming appearances for both Lee Reherman as Typhon, and Crystal Graziano as Mourningstar, during 2012. They’ll be wearing some of the most realistic costumes ever constructed, made possible by the unique talents of Steve Wang.


Red 5 Studios’ free-to-play open world shooter, Firefall, is currently running the first stage of its exclusive beta – planned to roll-out through 2012. Red 5 Studios is an online game developer located in California, founded by Mark Kern, former team lead for World of Warcraft. Red 5 Studios is dedicated to bringing together millions of gamers across the world by creating immersive worlds, intriguing stories and compelling characters. They believe that online games and persistent worlds are the future of video games.


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