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access_time January 4, 2012 at 8:49 AM in Culture by Andrew Kent

Get Down to Become Godly In SWTOR

Get down, get down peeps! That is if you wanna become groovy enough to dodge attacks in Star Wars: The Old Republic. Youtube user iAmPeacecraft has posted a video showcasing their SWTOR character busting a move and not taking any damage from a boss during battle.

Apparently if you type /getdown you will start to dance and become invincible. Whoopsie Bioware, looks like you have another bug to squash. You mad bro? Gonna suspend people for what the game allows them to do? The man can’t bring the groovy dancing down! Well, not until the next patch comes out anyways.

Check out the video below to see iAmPeacecraft showing off their mad dance skills.

[Thanks Dtoid]


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