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Battlefield 3 Dev Looks To Reddit For Gun Attachment Feedback

by on January 4, 2012

Now, I have no problem problems headshoting  someone across the gritty and explosive battlefield. Some might call me a marksmen, others would probably call me a camper. But do you ever find yourself stalking your prey then, all of a sudden, a little red light shines in your face and the next second you die? Think that sniper’s laser sight is too bright? Well  Alan Kertz, core game-play designer, has decide to get your feedback on the matter via Reddit. While not committing  to making any actual changes Kertz says that “I’m not promising this will go live, and I’m not promising there will be an update, I’m looking for feedback and a discussion.”  So if you think an M60 having a silencer or the flashlight is too bright head on over to Reddit and be heard!



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