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access_time January 3, 2012 at 11:13 AM in News by Sebastian Marco

Red Headed Shenmue Game: Shenmue Town Dies


And so another great game dies. Wait, no it doesn’t. This Shenmue game wasn’t the Sega classic sequel we had been waiting for. This was a knock-off game that was going to be a  Facebook title. A game by the name of Shenmue Town. How obscure is this game? I didn’t know of its existence 24 hours ago, and the picture above is one of the few that popped up in Google. This game’s life wasn’t even that long, released in winter 2010 ny Yahoo! Japanese developer Mobage-town, a popular mobile-based social gaming network.

Shenmue Town wasn’t so lucky, so now it must go rest its head in the big console in the sky. At least they kept the service going till after Christmas on the 26th, so Japanese citizens could eat their KFC while getting their last hurrahs in. Don’t fret though, Yu Suzuk, Shenmue creator knows that we want a follow up to Shenmue II. Hopefully it’ll release before Half Life:Episode 3.


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