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access_time January 3, 2012 at 7:33 PM in News by John Speerbrecker

Is Japanese PS Vita Pricing Forewarning a US Price Drop?

By now, we all know the details about how the Vita has performed in the last few weeks in Japan. With around 400,000 units sold to date, some analysts are speculating that a price cut will be imminent. From what we have seen so far in the past yer, many were optimistic that the Vita was positioning itself very well by aggressively pricing it to be within the same group as the 3ds did when it was first launched which was at 249.99. What we have seen since then is that the 3ds has also dropped its price by quite a substantial amount to 169.99 and in some cased it has had to also develop its features and benefits to compete with today’s market of cell phones and tablets.

What we have been seeing lately is that some retail establishments in Japan have been taking it upon themselves to help move these systems. More specifically, they have been cutting the price on the systems that have not been moving.  In Japan’s case, some retailers have been cutting the price of the 3G model twenty percent to compete with the other Wi-Fi only model.

What we have to see with that is um.. it is still more expensive than what the 3G model will go for when it is released in the U.S. this February. Hopefully it will mean that there is a chance that if there is going to be a price drop of the system here in the states,it will happen soon. They should position the 3G model to AT LEAST be priced more closely to the  Wi-Fi only model. Why? Well, since the biggest difference between the two systems is that one of them can get onto cell phone towers that require a data plan. It will cost you way more in the long run to own the 3G model and for the majority of us, it will not be relevant since many of us have Wi-Fi readily available everywhere.  With that, it will still be putting us at a 15-25 dollar a month expense just for the data plan.

If anything, I would be more than happy to sign a contract  where if I got a discounted 3G model, I would commit to a couple of years on their data plan.  Other than that, Ill be just as happy with my Wi-Fi only model.


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