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access_time December 29, 2011 at 1:09 PM in Nintendo by Ramon Aranda

Man Confronted by Activision About Hacking Skylanders Figurines

Apparently hacking technology that’s owned by another company isn’t looked highly upon…who knew?

Kotaku reports of a hacker/hobbyist named Brandon Wilson who decided to open up Activision’s Skylanders figurines to see what lay under the hood.  After messing around with the figurines’ RFID bases, he saved the info on his personal website and wrote:

“I plan to work on emulating the portal using an 84+/SE or 89Ti for all the major consoles. And for the Xbox 360, it’s especially interesting because I’ll have to work around the Infineon security chip that protects the Xbox 360 from third-party USB peripherals.”

Obviously someone was watching as some days later, a  legal notice from Activision’s legal counsel was hand-delivered to him asking him to take down his work.  He doesn’t seem to have a problem with doing so but has sent a response to the claims that he was trying to essentially reverse engineer the technology and distribute it.

You can read his response here.




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