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access_time December 29, 2011 at 2:29 PM in Culture by Sebastian Marco

Best Glitch of 2011


Games come and go, but bad games are forever(Im looking at you Superman 64!). But sometimes even the best games have thier glithces here and there. Playing Uncharted 3 I found this pecular glitch where Drake would throw up his hands and pose in a Y shape. Now glitches can be like lightening and never strike twice, but I was lucky enough to catch this on camera, which made me chuckle a bit. Now there’s plenty of googly eyes, invisible walls out there, but this one stood out over them all.This is only a spec of spinach in the great, white teeth of Uncharted 3. Just goes to show that not all games are perfect. Congrats Drake on being a poser! Also this goes perfectly with Guile’s them, is there anything that song doesn’t go to?

Unfortunately this amazing pic is a runner up, only because it surfaced after nominations, better luck next year Batman. Maybe you’ll get a good shot of the Joker or Harely clowning around.

Batman I’m bored, can we go already?








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